The #1 Reason Mice Are Dangerous

This Tiny Rodent Can Cause Devastating Damage

Why Rodent Infestations Are Dangerous

As cute as they can be in cartoons (we’re looking at you, Mickey and Stuart Little), mice are dangerous. They can carry disease, but there is something that makes them much more of a threat to you and your family.

Mice Can Cause House Fires

If you have a rodent as a pet—bunnies, gerbils, guinea pigs, even mice—you probably already know that one of their favorite snacks is any unattended cord. Mice that inhabit your home uninvited feel the same way, except you’re not keeping them in line like the rodents you lovingly invited into your home.

We have a scary statistic for you: there are 16 million home and building fires in the US each year, and about 8% of them are caused by mice gnawing on electrical wiring.

Mice Are Dangerous, but They’re No Match for ExtermPRO.

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