Mosquito Control in Chantilly, VA with ExtermPRO

Every summer in Chantilly, biting mosquitoes seem to overtake backyards and outdoor spaces, even moving indoors if they become aggressive enough. With the local mosquito species biting throughout the day and evening, you can be dealing with bites and the potential for mosquito-borne illness almost constantly.

ExtermPRO offers the most effective way to get rid of mosquitoes in Chantilly with pest control that works against them all summer long. Our Chantilly mosquito control is delivered by a professional friendly team with safe, long lasting, and highly effective solutions to local mosquito challenges. Get a quote to start the process at 571-620-1168.

How Mosquito Control Works in Chantilly

The mosquitoes that most often cause challenges at local homes are container breeding mosquitoes such as the Asian tiger mosquito. These mosquitoes lay their eggs in the water that collects in various containers like bird baths, dog bowls, trash, and other items that collect water from rainstorms. Each of these containers can provide space for thousands of mosquitoes to breed, and makes these species particularly adapted to living around homes and businesses.

Because mosquitoes often will not move more than a few hundred feet from where they are born, this results in an ever growing population of mosquitoes at your home throughout the summer. The only reliable way to remove them is mosquito treatments.

At ExtermPRO, our mosquito treatments target the adult mosquitoes in your yard that are likely to be biting and laying eggs. Our process for exterminating mosquitoes is:

  • Apply Treatment to Greenery – Areas of vegetation, like grass and shrubs, are ideal hiding spots for mosquitoes since they are cooler and provide shade. We apply treatments to these areas where they eliminate mosquitoes on contact for an immediate reduction in the number of biting pests around your home.
  • Use Eco-Friendly Treatments – Our mosquito control is naturally derived from the chrysanthemum flower for a treatment that is highly effective but also extremely safe to use in your yard.
  • Regular Applications – With time, rain, and other weather conditions, mosquito treatments will fade over the course of a month. We refresh them with follow up visits to keep the protective barrier against mosquitoes strong for the entire season.

We are able to provide a one time mosquito control service in Chantilly when you need a temporary solution for mosquitoes.

But the best way to manage mosquitoes is through our pest protection plans. Mosquito control is part of our ongoing bi-monthly pest control that will keep mosquitoes away throughout the summer and also protect your home from other summer pests like flies, spiders, ants, and wasps and bees.

Why Choose ExtermPRO for Your Chantilly Mosquito Control

There are multiple ways to manage mosquito populations. Removing containers from your yard and trimming back grass and shrubs are recommended steps. But the mosquito species in Chantilly are often too aggressive and resilient for this alone to be effective.

ExtermPRO is able to provide the most reliable results for helping you prevent mosquitoes and remove any biting pests already living in your yard. Our effective solutions for mosquito control in Chantilly are possible with our:

  • Extensive Local Knowledge – With our experience treating mosquitoes in Northern Virginia, we know which species are the most likely nuisance and the right control strategies.
  • Leading Treatment Methods – We use the top treatments to help us get rid of mosquitoes without leaving to provide relief in your yard from biting insects.
  • Safe Solutions – Our priority, in addition to getting rid of pests, is also to keep your family safe. We use the same types of treatments that we would feel comfortable using in our own homes and are up to date on the latest knowledge for safe mosquito control.
  • Comprehensive Solutions – The same conditions that attract mosquitoes to your home can attract many other types of bugs. Our comprehensive pest control services are able to respond to them all.

Our preventative mosquito control in Chantilly is for all property types in the area, including single family homes and businesses, as well as HOAs, apartment complexes, and more.

Mosquito control from ExtermPRO will immediately get mosquitoes under control around your home or other property before we work with you throughout the summer to manage them. Get started now with a call to our team at 571-620-1168 or reach us through the contact form.

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