Keep Spiders Out of Your House This Spring

get rid of spiders using vinegar

Whether or not you know it, you are sharing your home with spiders. The good news is that common house spiders cannot/do not bite, but that doesn’t mean you want to share your living space. Use these tips to keep spiders out this springtime:

Tidy Up

Spiders love small, dark places, so those clothes you have thrown on the floor are a great hiding spot. And if they are happy getting comfortable in something temporarily in one place, you know they’ll love all the nooks and crannies of closets that don’t get much attention.


Spiders make webs to catch food, so the more places they have to trap insects, the more comfortable a spider will feel in your house. You can encourage your spiders to build their webs outside your home by getting rid of the ones they have already created.

Eliminating Other Pests

Spiders thrive on one primary food source: bugs. Infestations of fruit flies, ants or fleas, provide spiders with all the nutrients they need to survive and thrive. If you suddenly see an increase in spider activity in your house, you may have a more serious pest problem on your hands. 

Take It a Step Further

Beyond these basic tips for spider extermination, there are additional steps you can take to ensure that spiders are as uncomfortable as possible in your home.

Add Eucalyptus Oil

Sprinkling eucalyptus oil or spreading eucalyptus leaves on your furniture, in corners and in your closet will discourage spiders from building their homes there.

Give Away Old Furniture

Spiders are happiest in dark places where they will not be disturbed, which old furniture provides a lot of.

Use Vinegar

There are so many uses for vinegar, and fortunately, one of them is as a remedy for unwanted spiders. White vinegar contains acetic acid that harms spiders, so by using a diluted vinegar solution you can safely and successfully repel these unwelcome guests.

Need Help? Call The Pros.

Not every spider invasion requires a call to an exterminator, but if you start to see increased spider activity, contact ExtermPRO, your local pest experts. We’ll get rid of these eight-legged pests and make sure you don’t have a more serious infestation on your hands. Call us today at 571-620-1168.

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