Signs of a Mouse Infestation


Mice make their way into your home for a number of reasons. Sometimes it’s because your home provides warm solace from chilly weather. Other times you made food easily accessible so they don’t have to work hard to be fed. No matter the reason they came inside, there are some universal signs you have a mouse infestation:

Finding Feces

Mouse droppings are small, oblong pellets, and you’ll likely find them near their feeding and nesting spots. And if you find them, be careful. Rodent feces can emit harmful particles of disease if disturbed, so do not stir them up with vigorous sweeping or vacuuming. Use gloves and a paper towel instead.

Signs of Food Tampering

If you are suddenly finding holes in dog food bags, boxes of cereal, and other foods, a mouse might be making himself at home by sharing your food. Store things in air-tight containers, and throw away any food that may have been contaminated.

Discovering Nesting material

Mice gather shredded paper, torn cloth, food wrappers, stuffing from pillows or mattresses, and insulation into a ball and then live inside it. If you notice holes in fabric or find a small pile of material in a corner, you could have mice.

Smelling Something Musty

If you catch a whiff of something musty, it could be a nest, dead mouse stuck somewhere, or rodent droppings. Even if you can’t rely on your sense of smell, your pets might tip you off. If your cat is particularly interested in a certain corner of your house, he or she may have found the site of the rodent problem.

Spotting a Mouse

Of course, seeing a mouse is the best sign you might have a rodent problem. While you may only catch a glimpse, try to remember details, like fur coloring. If you see a gray, brown, and black mouse, you know you have more than one hiding in your home.

And boy do they multiply quickly! Female mice can give birth 10 times per year, with an average of six to eight mice per litter.

Do You Have a Mouse Infestation?

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