How to Remove Ticks from Dogs

Safely & Painlessly


If you own a dog, you already know the importance of a periodic treatment to prevent ticks and other pests from latching onto your pooch. No matter your diligence, there is still a risk of exposure, especially if your dog likes to spend time outside in wooded areas. Here’s how to handle the situation if you do find a tick.

How To Remove Ticks from Dogs

You’ll need tweezers and a cleaning solution, like rubbing alcohol or soap and water.

  1. Part your dog’s hair with your fingers to fully expose the tick
  2. Place the tweezers around the tick, getting as close to the base as possible
  3. Gently pull upward without twisting or jerking the tick, which could break the tick in two, leaving the head lodged in
  4. Clean the bite area with rubbing alcohol or a soap and water mixture
  5. Dispose of the tick by flushing it down the toilet or drowning it in alcohol.
  6. Stay on the lookout for signs of Lymes disease.

As always, please contact your vet with any medical concerns you have for your pet.

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