How Do Dogs Get Fleas?

And How You Can Treat Them


It’s the tiny word and pest dog owners dread: fleas. This petite insect can wreak havoc on your pooch and your home. How did your dogs get fleas in the first place? Your answer might be right in your backyard.

How Dogs Get Fleas

Your Yard. Fleas are found outside, often in improperly maintained grassy areas where they can easily hide and hitch a ride on a passing animal. Your unruly yard or an adventure through the fields or woods may be the cause of your dog’s fleas.

Another Animal. Fleas look for a host to feed on, and they’re not particularly picky. If your pup is playing with another dog or cat who is infested, fleas can hop hosts and continue breeding, spreading the problem.

How to Get Rid of Fleas

Flea Treatments. Head to your local pet store for a variety of treatment options. You’ll find medication and shampoo options. There are also prescription options for severe cases. As always, check with your vet and follow manufacturer’s directions when providing treatments.

Vacuum Well. You can help get fleas out of your home faster by vacuuming regularly and thoroughly, particularly on carpeted areas.

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