How to Use Boiling Water to Kill Ants

A Natural Option for Ant Control


If you have an ant problem, the only way to get them gone for good is to get rid of their colony, located in the ant hill. When you identify where the ant hill is, you can get to work. Instead of using chemicals, there is a natural option you can choose: boiling water.

How to Use Boiling Water to Kill Ants

  1. Identify the ant hill.
  2. Boil water in a tea kettle.
  3. Carefully walk the water in the kettle to the ant hill.
  4. If you’re dealing with aggressive ants, like fire ants, be sure to approach the nest wearing protective clothing like closed-toe shoes, long pants, and long sleeves. These ants can be territorial and attack you if they feel threatened.
  5. Carefully pour the boiling water over the ant hill. This will make the hill cave in and kill any ants still inside.
  6. Check back a few days later. If you see more ants in the immediate area, repeat the process.

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