How Are Ant Hills Organized?

Inside the Fascinating Homes of Ants


It might seem like ants spend all their time pestering you in and outside of your home, but if you saw the hustle and bustle inside ant hills, you’d know you only see a small fraction of the ants in the area.

Inner Workings of Ant Hills & Colonies

Ant colonies are eusocial, meaning they have a highly organized society, taking care of one another. In this colony, different ants have different roles:

  • Egg-laying queen(s): This ant populates the colony. Some larger colonies have more than one egg-laying queen.
  • Workers: Workers are females, and its their job to
  • Soldiers: This ant caste is only female, and they are in charge of protecting the nest.
  • Winged males and females (seasonally): These ants are reproductive, and they fly away from the nest and mate with the goal of expanding the colony. The males die, and some of the females survive and become queens.

If you’d like a good peek inside the structure of an ant hill, check out this video from Anthill Art. This artist pours molten aluminum into ant colonies, which is then cooled and washed to create an incredible sculpture.


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