What Are the Signs of Silverfish Infestations?

Indentify Sooner to Prevent Damage

Silverfish Infestations

Silverfish are a small, wingless insects that are most active at night, avoiding light and searching for places to find food and water. The sooner you identify an infestation, the better because this pest likes to munch on somethings you might like to hold onto. Here are signs of silverfish infestations:

Signs of Silverfish Infestations

  1. Spotting a Silverfish: These pests are small, wingless, and silver in color. Plus, they move like a fish, so they certainly earned their unique name. If you see one, it will likely run away from you, and prepare to see it run fast; it runs much faster than it’s predators, spiders (yikes!). You’re most likely to find them in an attic, basement, and sometimes even a kitchen cabinet.
  2. Feces: Silverfish have waste that is small, round, and black, resembling peppercorn. Like most pest infestations, finding feces can be a clear sign of problems.
  3. Holes: Silverfish are well-known for their odd choice of food, which provides a big clue to an infestation. They happily munch on wallpaper, books, magazines, paper, and fabric. Why do they have this unique diet? They are looking for starches, which is why you might find them in your kitchen cabinet looking for other sources.
  4. Yellow Stains: Silverfish are known for the yellow stains they leave behind when they’ve been frolikcing in your home. Luckily, the source of the yellow residue isn’t urine.
  5. Shed Skin: Unlike other insects, silverfish continue to shed their skin well into adulthood. The scales have a metallic look and are opaque.

Seeing the Signs?

Silverfish have no place in your home, and the silverfish control pros at ExtermPRO have experience dealing with these creepy crawlies. We know the signs, how to prevent them, and most important know how to get rid of silverfish. Call us today at 571-620-1168.