Ant Spotlight: Little Black Ants

ants in your garage

There are many types of ants you’ll find in northern Virginia. Today, we’re taking a closer look at little black ants.

All About Little Black Ants

Appearance: Despite their name, they can vary in color from dark brown to jet-black. They are tiny, approximately 1/16″. They have six legs and antennae.

Timing: These ants are most active from June to August.

Location: You’ll find these ants in wooded areas, under rocks in your yard, rotting logs, and other safe places. They might make nests in your home in woodwork, wall voids, masonry, and other tiny places.

Appetite: They eat grease, oil, meat, fruit, vegetables, and sugar. It’s no wonder your kitchen is a great place for them to visit!

Concerns: Little black ants are a nuisance and not a health threat for your family. They do have a stinger, but it’s too small to harm you.

Prevention: Seal any cracks and other places where they may enter your home. Remember they can fit in very tiny areas! Also, it’s important to keep your home tidy, sweeping up crumbs and storing food properly.

Treatment: Place an ant lure in a safe place in your home. It’s important to use one that ants can bring back to their nest to get rid of the colony.

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