Do All Spiders Make Webs?

Spiders Make Webs

In elementary school, you learn basic facts about spiders. They have eight legs. They are arachnids. They make webs. Yes, they have eight legs, and yes, they are arachnids. But what about this last fact? Do all spiders make webs?

Do All Spiders Make Webs?

No! Not all spiders make webs. Some spiders use webs to catch food, but that’s not how all arachnids find their next meal. Some spiders are hunters and don’t use a web to catch food. Often times, these spiders burrow under the ground or other hidden spaces. For example, wolf spiders are ground dwellers and normally nest in burrows. They eat big prey like crickets, roaches, beetles, and mealworms that wouldn’t make their way to a web, anyways.

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