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Mosquito drinking bloodMosquitoes are more than a nuisance. They are the number one disease-carrying pest in the world. Even in Virginia, mosquitoes may carry dangerous, foreign diseases that are distressing at best and potentially life-threatening at worst.

The warm months are meant to be enjoyed with friends and family, and as your neighbors, we at ExtermPRO want to help make it easier for you to enjoy the warmth without stressing over mosquitoes and their itchy bites.

We are one of the few providers of an affordable and effective mosquito control service as part of our bimonthly pest management plans here in Haymarket, and we’d love to be there to keep your family free of bites throughout the year. We’re happy to provide an affordable quote at any time. Please call us at 571-620-1168

About Our Mosquito Control Plans in Haymarket, VA

Unlike many other types of pests, mosquitoes do not have colonies or nests. Instead, they float around and look for standing water to lay their eggs. That is why mosquitoes can be particularly difficult to avoid and treat – they may flutter in from miles away, attracted to the scent of your breath, blood, and skin.

To make sure that you are safer from mosquitoes, we offer a bimonthly pest treatment plan that includes mosquito control along with ants, spiders, cockroaches, and other common pests. With our pest protection plan, your barbecues will be more enjoyable, your kids will be able to play more comfortably, and your home will be clear of these troublesome biting pests.

Affordable and Effective Treatment

If you need us to eliminate a pest infestation you already have, we can help. But the best way to avoid pests all throughout the year is prevention, before they have a chance to bite, sting, and steal. With ExtermPRO, our Haymarket mosquito control services are here to prevent those itchy bumps, reduce your risk of mosquito-based diseases, and make your home a safer place for you and your family.

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Mosquito Treatment & Control Services

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