What Techniques Can Pest Control Companies Use to Address Mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes are not a small issue. Their bites can ruin your spring and summer, and they have the potential to carry disease. As a pest control company in the Gainesville, Haymarket, and Centreville region of Virginia, we know how frequently you may find yourself encountering these pests, and how important it is to do something to address them.

There are a few ways you can reduce the frequency and quantity of mosquitoes on your own. The most important is for you to reduce the amount of standing water you have near your property. Standing water – which is water that sits still for an extended period of time – is where mosquitoes lay their eggs, and is thus the main reason that you start to see more and more mosquitoes on your property. Seeking out any instances of standing water is an important part of mosquito prevention and control.

Still, you may find that you are in need of better, more expert level mosquito control, which is why many people call us at ExtermPRO. We have several unique and effective ways we can treat and prevent mosquitoes.

Professional Chemical Treatments

One of the most common methods employed by ExtermPRO is the use of chemical treatments. These treatments are designed to target both adult mosquitoes and their larvae.

  • Adulticides – Adulticides are chemicals specifically formulated to kill adult mosquitoes. These can be applied as sprays, fogs, or mists in areas where mosquitoes are most active. Commonly used adulticides include pyrethroids and organophosphates, which are known for their effectiveness.
  • Larvicides – Larvicides target mosquito larvae in breeding sites such as standing water. These chemicals, like Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis (Bti) and methoprene, prevent larvae from maturing into adult mosquitoes, thereby cutting down the population before they can start to bite.
  • Bacterial Agents – Though not technically a chemical, we can also release bacterial agents that help address mosquito larvae. There are special bacterium that produce toxins that are deadly to mosquito larvae but harmless to other wildlife. It’s a popular choice for larvicidal treatments in standing water.

ExtermPRO is unique in that we can also install devices that provide ongoing mosquito sprays in your area, making sure that you have ongoing treatment for mosquitoes even without a visit from our team. It’s one of the ways that ExtermPRO can help make sure that you’re as mosquito free as possible.

Environmental Management and Habitat Modification

In addition to our pesticides and chemical compounds, we take a holistic approach to mosquito treatment. We provide source reduction, eliminating or managing standing water sources and looking for any containers that may be holding on to excess water.

We also can make recommendations about habitat modification. For example, we may recommend landscaping to prevent water pooling after rain, or installing aerators in ponds and water features. We may also recommend shrub and grass clipping, as they can provide refuge for mosquitoes.

Therea re also physical barriers and mosquito traps as well, though these are not typically recommended.

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ExtermPRO is the leading choice for pest control in the Gainesville area, and we’d love an opportunity to show you what we can do. For more information about our mosquito control services, please contact our team today.


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