Why Do Mosquitoes Bite Some People More than Others?


Have you ever spent an evening outdoors and woken up the next morning to find yourself covered in mosquito bites? Yet when you talk to friends and family that were outdoors with you, none of them has a single bite?

Although scientists are still figuring out everything that makes some people more susceptible to mosquito bites than others, they have confirmed that certain factors can make you more attractive to mosquitoes.

Factors that Attract Mosquitoes to You

If you can’t seem to go outside without getting bit by mosquitoes, some people might say you are sweet or have tastier blood. In reality, some of the main reasons mosquitoes may be more inclined to bite you include:

  • Sweat – Sweating makes you smell, and the odor can be a powerful attractor to mosquitoes. Spending time outside immediately after exercise or in hot weather may leave you with more mosquito bites.
  • Alcohol – Some studies show that alcohol, primarily beer, will attract mosquitoes by increasing the amount of ethanol in your sweat. Alcohol also raises your body temperature, making it easy for heat-sensitive mosquitoes to find you.
  • Color – Mosquitoes have limited vision, so the contrast of darker colors tends to make you more visible than lighter colors. The darker colors often mean your body generates more heat as well.
  • Carbon Dioxide – The carbon dioxide we emit when breathing is one of the main ways mosquitoes find us. If you naturally breathe heavily or are exercising outdoors, mosquitoes will have an easier time locating you.
  • Blood Type – If you have type O blood, mosquitoes might actually find your blood tastier. A recent study showed Type O people were bitten most, Type B somewhat less, and Type A only about half as much as Type O.

Scientists believe other natural elements of your body’s makeup can attract mosquitoes as well, such as folic acid and cholesterol. Since you have limited control over body composition, minimizing exercise and avoiding dark colors can be the easiest ways to make yourself less attractive to mosquitoes.

Taking preventative action against mosquitoes will be even more effective in limiting the bites you and others around your home receive. Practicing habitat management in your yard removes the standing water where mosquitoes can lay eggs and using bug spray before going outside will help deter mosquitoes.

Professional mosquito control can also get rid of mosquitoes around your home to make sure that no one gets bit. Our mosquito control at ExtermPRO works throughout the summer to protect everyone on your property from mosquito bites.

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