Why Choose Eco-Friendly Pest Control for Your Home


As more and more industries go “green,” the pest control industry has also changed the methods we use to get rid of pests. In fact, many pest control companies have been using eco-friendly treatments and techniques for years as we leave behind the highly toxic chemicals that were necessary to exterminate pests in the past.

Eco-friendly pest control utilizes the latest science and understanding of pests rather than invasive spraying of toxic chemicals. It provides a safer and more effective option for pest removal that will not cause harm to your kids, pets, and other loved ones.

What Makes Pest Control Eco-Friendly

There are two main ways of managing insect pests. The first is through insecticides. These can be either natural or synthetic. The natural insecticides are derived from plants while synthetic insecticides are made in labs. Both can be effective, although plant-derived insecticides tend to take more applications to achieve the same results.

Either type of insecticide can be a part of eco-friendly pest control. Synthetic insecticides often get a bad rap, but the truth is that no insecticide is completely “non-toxic.” These treatments are designed to be deadly for bugs, but harmless for people and pets. Lab derived treatments are extensively tested and approved by regulatory agencies and, when used correctly, both can be safe.

At ExtermPRO, our eco-friendly pest control uses:

  • Targeted Insecticides – Our treatments are based on innovative science and made to target the species of pests we are exterminating or preventing. Whether they are natural or synthetic, they are also free of carcinogens and other elements that are dangerous for people.
  • Professional Application – The “spray and pray” approach does not exist in eco-friendly pest control. Instead, we use extensive training and knowledge of local pests to identify the hot spots and potential entry points. These are the areas we treat. This way, we limit even harmless treatments to only the areas they are needed.
  • Integrated Pest Management – Also called IPM, this form of pest control uses habitat management in combination with treatments. This could include traps for wildlife, more effective cleaning to remove food sources, and exclusion to physically bar pests from entering.

When you have pests at your home, you want to get rid of them as quickly as possible. But the solution should not be more dangerous than the pest problem itself. Choosing a company that specializes in eco-friendly pest control gives you the reassurance that you are protected from pests and harmful treatments. Contact us today to learn more about our pest control at ExtermPRO and how we protect your family.