Why Are Ants in My Garage?

Four Possible Reasons

ants in your garage

It’s the season when ants are starting to show up everywhere. They might not have made their way to your kitchen quite yet, but they are certainly starting to explore other areas of your home. Your garage is a great source of potential snacks for them, and if you go searching, you might just find some hanging out. Read on to learn why ants are in your garage.

Why Ants Are in Your Garage

Your Pet’s Food

While many people control for their own food, they often forget about pet food. If you go store your dog food in the garage, are you careful not to drop any when filling the bowl? Do you just have it in the bag or an air-tight container? Any food dropped or left out can be a common source of ant invasions.


Did you know seeds are a great source of nutrition for ants? If you have grass seeds, birdseed, or other seeds stored in your garage, you might have ants, too. It’s important to keep your seeds stored properly in airtight containers to make sure ants don’t go to your garage for snacks.


Just like in your kitchen, ants might make their way to your trash can for an endless source of food. To help combat this problem, tie your trash bags shut before putting them in your garbage can, keep the lid on, and avoid tossing food right in.

Nearby Nest/Openings

While a common source of an infestation is food, in some cases, ants just want to be your neighbors! When ant colonies form too close to your garage and there is a clear path inside, they might just be comfortable being close to you. To get rid of ants in this instance, you’ll need to have someone, like ExtermPRO, inspect the property thoroughly to find nearby colonies and eradicate them.

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