Which Bees in Virginia Sting?

And wasps to watch out for

bees in Virginia that sting

Some bees you’ll find are cute and fluffy—we’re looking at you bumblebee!—and there are some others that are intimidating. As a general rule, bees won’t go out of their way to sting you, but that doesn’t mean they won’t defend their hive if you get too close. So, today we’re going to go over which bees in Virginia sting and help you identify a few wasps that will sting.

Bees in Virginia That Sting

Bumblebees: The workers and queen have smooth stingers, so they can sting multiple times. While they do have the ability to sting, they likely won’t if you see them buzzing from flower to flower. They will, however, defend their nest, so be wary when you see one.

Honey Bees: Honey bees will sting if the hive is threatened. If you see it out foraging for food, it will likely leave you alone unless you accidentally step on it.

Carpenter Bees: Carpenter bees are chunky bees that make their home in wood. Females are the only ones who sting, and it is most likely to protect the hive. Waving your hand or moving quickly may scare them into stinging. Like bumblebees and honey bees, they are key pollinators.

Wasps to Watch for

Yellowjackets: These insects have a yellow and black head and patterned abdomen. They are most aggressive in the fall when their colony starts to die out.

Bald-faced Hornets: Bald-faced hornets give a painful sting that can create a lump that lasts for about 24 hours. They inject poison when they sting. Unlike other stinging pests, this wasp does not lose its stinger when it stings, so it can attack multiple times without risk.

Paper Wasps: These wasps make papery hives. They only sting when threatened.

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