Where Rodents Live in Gainesville Homes


The mouse and rat species in Gainesville include the Norway rat, the roof rat, and the house mouse. These different species all have slightly different preferences on where they live and other details about their habitats. This means that when they move into homes in Gainesville or even when they are living outdoors around your backyard, rodents can occupy a variety of different areas.

The main problem this causes for homeowners is that it can make it difficult to identify a rodent problem in the first place and determine where they hiding so that you can implement the right extermination measures against them. In particularly bad infestations, the multiple hiding spaces can also mean dealing with multiple rodent infestations at the same time as mice and rats occupy different areas of your property. Knowing where to look for rodents can help you identify infestations as early as possible and to protect areas that might be most attractive to mice and rats.

Where to Look for Rodent Infestations

In general, rodents want to be in warm areas where they will not be often disturbed. This is especially true for rats, who tend to be particularly cautious around humans, but also true for mice who need a safe area to build their nest and reproduce. As a result, some of the different areas where you can expect to find mice and rats if they are living inside your home include:

  • Attics
  • Crawlspaces
  • Behind Appliances
  • Backs of Cabinets
  • Wall Voids

With the types of rodents present in Gainesville, you can often expect to find the larger Norway rats in lower areas of your home, including crawl spaces and around ground floors. Roof rats live on upper floors and in attics and mice will often spread out around your home. With all these different areas that rodents can be in, locating them during an infestation can be a challenge and any delays mean that the problems that rodents cause can continue to get worse in the meantime.

Because of this, it is better to prevent rodents altogether if you can through exclusion. At ExtermPRO, we offer exclusion as part of ourĀ bi-monthly and quarterly pest protection plans. With exclusion, we close off any areas where rodents may be able to gain entry into your home. We also look for signs of rodents living outside or address any challenges you may be facing with rodents indoors to help reduce the chances of a larger scale infestation. To learn more about our pest protection plans, contact ExtermPRO today.

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