Mistakes That Gainesville Homeowners Make with Rodent Control

When you have rodents in your home in Gainesville, it is important to act fast to remove them. This is because the presence of mice and rats can lead to a variety of health problems, damage to your property, and an infestation that becomes increasingly larger and more costly to fix.

The most reliable way to get rid of rodents is with the help of a local pest control company. But whether you are leaving rodent control to a professional or attempting it yourself, these are some of the common mistakes that homeowners can inadvertently make, causing their rodent control problems to become worse than they already are.

Common Challenges with Rodent Control

For many homeowners, when they spot a mouse or rat on their property, the first instinct is either set up traps or contact a pest control company to do it for them. A pest control company is almost always more effective than DIY because their team will have the knowledge and tools to handle a rodent infestation effectively and quickly. This is the first mistake that some homeowners make by trying to get rid of rodents on their own. While it can be possible, too often homeowners will use less than effective techniques and only capture a few mice or rats in their home while the overall population continues to grow.

But even if you recognize the need to call a pest control company, there are some additional mistakes to be aware of. These include:

  • Waiting – Rodents, especially mice, reproduce at an incredibly fast rate and just a few days can cause a rodent infestation to multiply. When you notice rodents, it is helpful to call a pest control company as soon as possible so they can begin treating the infestation before it can get worse.
  • Using Only Traps – Even with the help of professionals, relying solely on traps often will not totally solve the issue. They can get rid of the rodents in your home for now, but if you do not also take care to clean and remove any messes that may have attracted the rodents and use exclusion to close off the holes that rodents used to get in, a mouse or rat problem could easily turn into a reoccurring one.
  • Setting Your Own Traps – A pest control technician is able to set traps in a way that will be most effective against mice and rats, both of which can be resistant to new items in their environment. Setting your own traps or messing with traps that your rodent control technician puts in place can disrupt the process and make it take longer.

When facing rodent problems in Gainesville, ExtermPRO can provide fast and effective solutions to remove mice and rats with leading methods that are eco-friendly, humane, and effective. Schedule a rodent control visit by calling our team today.

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