When Should You Hire an Exterminator in Bristow?

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The average home and yard in Bristow has dozens of different bugs living nearby, and it is almost expected that you will see the occasional spider and fly crawling on a sidewalk or hanging out in the eaves of your roof. While a single bug is not an infestation, what if there are two bugs? Or a dozen bugs?

There is also the possibility of hundreds of bugs hiding nearby, all raising the question of how many bugs should a homeowner wait to see before they call a Bristow exterminator?

How Many Bugs Before You Need to Schedule a Pest Extermination?

The right time to call a pest control company in Bristow is before you have seen any bugs.

With bugs and rodents, you never have just one pest. By the time you see an insect or two, there are almost always a colony of hundreds more or dozens of eggs ready to hatch, meaning that you could already have an infestation.

Preventative pest control is the leading way to deal with the majority of bugs. With this process, bi-monthly or quarterly treatments keep pests under control and protect your home from bugs that may come inside. This means more manageable insect populations and far less risk of a large-scale infestation so that you never need to be concerned with counting bugs to determine if you have a problem.

But, as Bristow exterminators, we know that spotting bugs is usually what prompts you to call a pest control company so it may already be too late for preventative pest control. In this case, the answer to how many bugs depends on a few different factors.

The most important factor is the type of bug. There are certain species where one or two bugs outside really is nothing to worry about, such as spiders, bumblebees, a housefly, and the occasional mosquito, although it pays to be on alert for more bugs or signs of an infestation.  If you spot termites, ants, rats, or mice, one indicates a large enough problem for an exterminator in Bristow.

One thing you should not do for any number of pests is to start treating pests yourself, even if you only notice a few bugs. There are a few different risks here, including:

  • The Infestation May Be Larger Than You Think – Bugs are great at hiding and even if you have scoured your property, you may still be missing some.
  • The Wrong Treatment – Different bugs have different treatments and many insects are resistant to store-bought insecticides. Having a professional who can accurately identify the insect species will mean the most effective treatment possible.
  • Incorrect Application – The wrong pest control methods will often cause pests to simply move to a new location, potentially doing more damage and becoming harder to remove along the way.

These mistakes can waste valuable time and money if you do have an actual pest problem. For this reason, it is always in your best interest to call a Bristow extermination company whenever you are concerned that the bugs you see on your property may be the first signs of an infestation.

ExtermPRO is an exterminator in Bristow with a team that can determine the right course of action to eliminate bugs and then get you started on a pest prevention plan to keep them from coming back. Get started with the area’s most effective pest control today.