When and Where Are Ticks Worst?

Types of Ticks in Virginia

In Virginia, the most common illnesses transferred from tick bites are Lymes disease and Rocky Mountain Fever. Because of these potentially scary diseases, a common question we get is: when and where are ticks worst? Knowing when and where you should be on high alert can give you and your doctor a clue if you suddenly aren’t feeling well.

Time of Year

Unfortunately, you’ll find ticks at all times of the year. In Virginia, the worst months are from March to May and then August through November. They are actually least active during the hot, dry months. Just remember these months are ranges of when you’re most likely to seem them; they can be found at all times of the year when the temperature stays above freezing.


You are most likely to find these dangerous pests where animals live and feed. Think about the fields behind your home where deer are frequent visitors. And if you take a walk through the woods, you’ll likely find them there, too. Ticks climb up to the top of grasses and bushes to try to hitch a ride on their next meal.

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