What to Do When You Find a Spider Inside

And How to Keep Spiders Out

How to Keep Spiders out of Your Basement

We’ve all had the eek! moment when we unexpectedly see a spider crawling across the floor or on the wall. What do you do when you see it? Some of us run for cover and ask for help while others grab a tissue and others transport the little guy outside. What’s the right way to handle it? Find out what to do when you find a spider inside.

What to Do When You Find a Spider Inside

Option 1: Kill it. Get rid of it the old-fashion way. Place a tissue over the spider and squeeze. Flush it down the toilet for extra precaution in case it survives the squashing.

Option 2: Let it be. House spiders are actually helpful guests to have around. They don’t cause harm and they are great exterminators, eating the other pests that might come into your home. If you feel comfortable with it, allow it to live with you but still use preventative measures to keep out other spiders.

Option 3: Use the vacuum. You can use the hose of your vacuum cleaner to get this pest easily off the ceiling or top wall. And you don’t need to touch it!

Option 4: Move it outside. This seems to be a friendly answer, but most spiders have never spent any time outside. It is almost always a death sentence if you kick the arachnid out. This is still a good option for people who do not want to directly kill the spider but still don’t want to share your space.

How to Keep Spiders out of Your House

Tidy Up: Spiders love small, dark places, so those clothes you have thrown on the floor or nooks and crannies in the closet are great hiding spots.

De-Webbing: You can encourage your spiders to build their webs outside your home by getting rid of the ones they have already created.

Eliminating Other Pests: Spiders thrive on one primary food source: bugs. Infestations of fruit flies, ants or fleas, provide spiders with all the nutrients they need to survive and thrive.

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