What Makes Stink Bugs Such an Unwelcome Pest?

Stink bug

Unlike other bugs, stink bugs do not bite or spread disease. But since the brown marmorated stink bug was introduced to Virginia a few decades ago, their extensive damage and abundant populations have made them one of the most disliked pests in the area. Stink bugs are a challenging agricultural pest that regularly causes millions of dollars in damage to crops.

In homes, there is little worry about damage. Instead stink bugs are more of a nuisance. But they are an extreme nuisance. In addition to the terrible odor they can have if they are squashed, the number of stink bugs that can get into a property can be extensive, which is guaranteed to be unpleasant.

How You Can Reduce Stink Bug Problems in Your Home

The brown marmorated stink bug is most often a problem in homes in the spring. This is when bugs that have been overwintering will wake up and make their way out of your home, generally leaving an odorous trail behind them.

This means that the time to deal with a stink bug problem is actually now in the fall. At this time of year, stinkbugs are looking for a warm shelter for winter. You can prevent a brown marmorated stink bug infestation come next spring by employing these strategies to keep stink bugs out now:

  • Close Off Entryways – The primary way stink bugs will get into your home is through small gaps in the exterior. Fall is a great time to walk around the outside of your home and repair any gaps that you see to help keep bugs out.
  • Turn Off Lights – Brown marmorated stink bugs are attracted to lights. If you have exterior lights or interior lights near windows, keep them off as much as possible in the fall to prevent bugs from congregating and slipping in when you open the door.
  • Fix Any Leaks – Stink bugs need moisture, so if you have any leaks or moisture problems in different areas around your home, take steps now to get those fixed.
  • Clean Your Yard – Before they move indoors, stink bugs will hang out in your yard. Trim back trees and bushes, keep your lawn short, pick up fallen leaves, and store your firewood away from your home as the bugs will often hide behind the bark.

Another good choice for preventing brown marmorated stink bugs is to schedule pest control now. With pest control from ExtermPRO, we create an invisible barrier around your home with eco-friendly pest treatments that work for several months to keep bugs out. This can protect you throughout the fall and early winter from stink bugs, as well as other pests, and help you achieve a pest free spring. Contact us to learn more about our prevention solutions for brown marmorated stink bugs.