How to Get Rid of Silverfish


Silverfish are a challenging pest to have inside your property. They are very fast moving, and appear to “swim” across surfaces as they crawl along, hence their name. Additionally, they live in dark, damp spaces, meaning they can often be inside your home for long periods before you realize you have a problem.

Silverfish feed on a wide variety of foods, which is part of what makes them so damaging. Silverfish like paper products and cloth, which puts your books, storage items, saved paper documents, wallpaper, drywall, and clothing all at risk. Silverfish can eat through all of these items, leaving them irreparably damaged. For this reason, homeowners should get silverfish out quickly if they notice them in their home.

Steps for Removing Silverfish

One of the ways to tell if you have silverfish is to see the pests themselves. They are silvery in color with long antennae and three bristle-like appendages on their tail. The other sign you may notice is their damage, which will make any surface that they eat look extremely ragged.

Silverfish are likely to be near their food source or in places that are moist since they need damper environments, meaning they are often in attics, crawlspaces, bathrooms, and kitchens. If you notice silverfish in any of these locations, you can take these steps to get rid of them:

  • Remove Moisture – Since silverfish need an ample supply of water, removing any sources of excess moisture can help to eliminate them. This can include fixing leaks, increasing ventilation, and repairing dripping faucets.
  • Limit Food Sources – As long as silverfish have a food source, it will be difficult to get them to move elsewhere. Securing any potential silverfish food can help keep silverfish from moving in and staying. Avoid storing belongings in cardboard boxes as silverfish can easily chew through them. Instead, opt for plastic bins, garment bags, or at least plastic trash bags to protect any items in storage.
  • Get Out the Vacuum – If you notice a number of silverfish around your home, vacuuming them up is the quickest way to get rid of them. This will work temporarily since there may still be more hiding around, but it can help reduce the problem until you can take more active methods against silverfish.
  • Contact a Pest Control Company – Even with these steps, it can be difficult to fully get rid of silverfish as many will be in dark and hidden spaces that you cannot easily see. Treatments from an experienced pest control company can get to silverfish wherever they are hiding.

ExtermPRO has both one time and ongoing solutions to get rid of silverfish in Gainesville, VA. Our one time solutions can exterminate a silverfish infestation if you have already have hundreds of silverfish inside. We can also keep silverfish away on an ongoing basis with regular pest control, establishing a barrier around your home that prevents silverfish from getting in, reducing the risk of an infestation and damage to your belongings. Get more information and a free quote when you contact us today.