What Makes Cockroaches Dangerous?


More than simply disturbing, cockroaches are an extremely dangerous pest as well. They come with dozens of health risks that make them a hazard for people and pets at your property. The CDC, World Health Organization, and other health groups have outlined the risk factors around roaches, and determined that they are one of the leading causes of food-borne illness and indoor allergens, with an increased danger as the local population density increases.

Health Risks from Roaches in Northern Virginia

Roaches have a reputation for being disgusting, and that reputation is well earned. This pest spends most of its time around trash, rotten food, sewage, and other items known for carrying bacteria. These are primary food sources for cockroaches, but also brings roaches in contact with a lot of germs. The roaches themselves can also have negative health consequences. All of this can lead to:

  • Food Contamination – Roaches will often seek out food in your pantry and residue left on cooking surfaces. This spreads any germs they come into contact with through food storage and across the surfaces your food will touch during preparation.
  • Bacteria and Virus Transmission – The skin cells, feces, and oils roaches produce can contain a range of bacteria that causes typhoid, E. coli, salmonella, dysentery, staph infections, and others. These can cause bouts of food poisoning, emergency illnesses, and chronic health challenges.
  • Allergic Reactions – An enzyme found in cockroach skin, droppings, and saliva is a common allergen for many people with children at greater risk. Those allergic to roaches can experience stuffy noses, itchy eyes and ears, skin rashes, hives, and sore throats.
  • Asthma Attacks – The allergens cockroaches produce are asthma triggers, and can cause those with asthma to have an attack or experience difficulty breathing.

Unfortunately, the signs of cockroaches are subtle, and there are many cases where people do not realize they have a roach problem until someone on the property gets sick. At this point or if you have noticed other signs, rapid cockroach extermination is a necessity to prevent additional health dangers.

The leading way to reduce your health risk from cockroaches is to make sure that roaches cannot get into your home or business to begin with. ExtermPRO provides both one time and ongoing pest control in Northern Virginia to eliminate cockroaches and keep them under control with a protective seal around the exterior of your property. Learn more or schedule an evaluation today.

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