What is the Difference Between IPM and Extermination?

When you have a pest problem at your home, a pest control company is the leading way to get bugs under control and out of your property. As you search for a pest control team, you may find two different approaches to getting rid of pests. There are both exterminators and pest professionals using integrated pest management, or IPM.

These words will occasionally be used interchangeably, but refer to two different ways of managing pests and it is important to choose the one that will best meet the needs for your home.

Advantages of Integrated Pest Management Over Extermination

For many decades, extermination was the go to tool for dealing with almost any type of pest. It relied on different pesticide treatments or, in the case of rodents, mechanical methods like snap traps to kill any pests that are infesting a property. In general, this was effective and still can be effective today, but it does come with a few drawbacks.

Extermination requires the use of different chemicals to remove bugs, which are not always safe to have in your home or around your yard. Many pests also began to become resistant to pesticides due to their frequent use, requiring more widespread use of pesticides and more intensive treatments to deal with these challenges.

Pest control experts devised a new system of pest control called Integrated Pest Management. Rather than solely relying on chemical control for pests, although that is still available when necessary, IPM addresses pests in a range of different ways. These include habitat management, education, and biological control. This multifaceted approach to managing pest problems offers these advantages:

  • More Effective Against Bugs – Because IPM addresses bugs on multiple different levels, it is generally able to get rid of pests faster and more completely.
  • Long Lasting – While chemical based pest treatments work well against pests that are already present and can provide a few weeks of pest control, additional methods like habitat management will continue working against bugs for many more months for an effective long lasting solution.
  • Less Resistance from Pests – Because IPM does not rely only on pesticides, a pest professional can instead use chemical treatments only when necessary, limiting pests exposure to them and the chance that insects may become resistant. This means that when insecticides are necessary, they are more likely to work.
  • Safer – The treatments that IPM does rely on are eco-friendly and target certain areas rather than a spray and pray approach. This makes them safer wherever they are in use around a property.
  • Preventative –  With extermination, the focus was almost entirely on removing existing infestations. IPM focuses on prevention as well. With IPM strategies in place, this can mean that you almost never experience a pest problem, making this a far less stressful way to manage pests.

When searching for a pest control company to get rid of pests or prevent future problems. Working with a company that uses IPM methods and eco-friendly treatments is the best way to ensure safe and effective solutions at your home.

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