Solutions for Avoiding a Storage Area Pest Infestation

Storage areas can often be a prime location for pests. They are often dark, well sheltered, and, in the majority of homes, not frequently visited. The items you store there can provide ample food and shelter for several different types of attic pests.

The challenges of having pests in your attic, basement, or other storage spaces is that they can be a source of damage. A storage pest infestation also puts bugs or rodents extremely close to living areas of your home, where they can be even more of a nuisance. By working to prevent pests in storage areas, you will also be able to more effectively limit pests in the rest of your home.

How to Keep Pests Out of Storage Areas

Pests can be drawn to storage areas due to the shelter the space itself provides, the items you have in storage, or a combination of both. To keep pests out, you want to address these different challenges through:

  • Keeping the Space Dry – Warmth and moisture are two factors that most often attract bugs who thrive in humid conditions. Making sure that your attic or basement does not have any leaks or excess moisture building up through good ventilation and potentially a dehumidifier will help make your storage space less attractive for bugs.
  • Keeping Things Clean – Messiness in a storage space could include clutter, dead bugs, and other debris. All of these can attract bugs and provide hiding spaces for them. You should regularly clean out your storage spaces to remove any items you no longer want and store all items that you do want in a neat and orderly way. Sweeping, vacuuming, and wiping down surfaces will also remove any particles that bugs may be attracted to.
  • Using Plastic Storage Containers – Plastic containers are the only ones effective against pests since rodents and bugs can chew through cardboard. For any item that you are storing in your attic, choose a plastic bin or plastic bag to protect it. Check storage solutions periodically to be sure that they have not developed any holes or cracks. This will limit pests’ access to any items in your storage space that are edible or that they could use to build a nest with, making the area less of a potential hiding spot for pests and protecting all of your belongings.
  • Watch What You Store – Before you send any items to your attic, basement, or other storage area, check them for pests that may be clinging so that you do not accidentally bring bugs into storage.
  • Check What You Bring Out – Similarly, before you take any items out of storage, including holiday decorations, check over each box and any unsecured items for signs of pests. If bugs are hitchhiking on an item, bringing it out of storage could spread the infestation to other areas of your home.

Because of all of the factors that storage areas offer, they are a common cause of pest infestations in Gainesville and other nearby towns in Northern Virginia. ExtermPRO is a local pest control company that can respond quickly if you have pest problems in your attic or if bugs and rodents have spread from your attic to other areas of your home. Contact our team for a pest control quote.