What Attracts Ants to Homes in Gainesville

One colony of ants can have more than 100,000 insects in it. As soon as a single member of the colony finds a source of food or water near the nest, you can quickly have a line of a hundred ants trooping into your home. This many ants is both annoying and difficult to get rid of.

This means preventing ants from coming inside in the first place is the most convenient method for ant control. Many homeowners can manage this process themselves by first understanding what draws ants to your property and making a habit of regular cleaning and maintenance.

5 Reasons Ants Are Invading Your Home

Food is one of the obvious attractions for ants. These pests have a wide appetite and will eat almost any food they can find in a kitchen. Crumbs on the floor, dirty dishes, spilled juice or soda, and open packages are all common sources of food for ants. But if your dishes, countertops, and floors are clean and food is correctly stored, yet ants are still coming in, look for these other causes:

  • Grease – Grease is an often forgotten residue left behind from cooking and foods. It can collect on your stove top, pans, and containers, and may be in hidden corners. Cleaning dishes with soap and wiping down all surfaces with a cleaning solution will remove grease.
  • Dirty Garbage Cans – Although you take the trash out every few days, drips and old food will often build up on the sides and bottom of garbage cans, even if you use a trash can liner. Remember to clean out the insides of trash cans every few weeks.
  • Water Leaks – In addition to food, ants need water. A leaking pipe or dripping faucet can provide a reliable source of water to ants as well as other pests.
  • Rotting Wood – Carpenter ants specifically will tunnel into deteriorating wood to build their nests. If you have old tree stumps, lots of downed branches, damage to your home, or an old shed, remove it so it doesn’t attract ants.
  • Changing Weather – Warming or cooling temperatures can also make ants more likely to come inside as their outdoor habitat and food source changes. Since you can’t control the weather, seasonal pest control from an exterminator in Gainesville can give you additional protection against ants.

At homes where ants have already invaded, fixing these issues may help reduce the infestation. However, ants are resourceful and you would have to do a thorough job to keep them from finding another food or water source. Instead, professional ant control can quickly and effectively exterminate ants. For ant control in Gainesville, give us a call.

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