Spider Spotlight: The Black Widow


Ask anyone what the scariest spider of all is, and many people will claim it’s the black widow. Is this arachnid misunderstood or truly one to be feared? Many of our customers have this question and more.

All about the Black Widow

  • Are black widows dangerous? Their bites are, but they don’t actually want to attack you. They simply act out of defense. And it’s only the females you need to worry about.
  • What do black widows look like? They have a very distinctive mark that sets them apart from other spiders. It’s the reddish-orange hourglass shape on their back.
  • What does a bite feel like? It hurts! You’ll know right away something isn’t right, unlike some other pests that bite you and you discover a bump later. You might get muscle cramps, stomach pain, tremors, chest pain, and more. We recommend seeking medical help right away.
  • Are they common in Northern Virginia? Yes, there are many black widows in Virginia.

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