Pests that Hide in Gainesville Basements

Finished and unfinished basements in Gainesville and the surrounding area are a good hiding spot for several different pests. Because they are below ground, basements are very close to bugs’ outdoor habitats. Basements are often more humid than aboveground living spaces, and therefore more attractive to bugs. Unfinished basements that are rarely used also provide a dark hiding space for bugs that avoid light.

Altogether, these factors make a basement the perfect habitat for bugs. Bugs that live in your basement can also easily spread to the rest of your home to create a large scale pest infestation.

Types of Basement Pests

The bugs that live in basements vary from harmless to dangerous, but all are considered pests that you do not want on your property. The most common are:

  • Cockroaches – Roaches need moisture to survive, but otherwise are a resilient pest. They also carry bacteria and cause disease.
  • Spiders – Many people consider spiders creepy and dread coming across one in the basement. While most are actually harmless, black widow spiders do like the dark corners in basements.
  • Silverfish – Another moisture loving bug, silverfish eat paper and clothing, and will eat through any boxes you have stored in your basement.
  • Centipedes – Centipedes eat other bugs and live in damp areas. They are harmless, but their many legs and fast run can make them frightening.
  • Termites – Subterranean termites will live in the soil beneath or adjacent to your home and start eating away at the structure. In addition to a source of wood, moisture will attract termites.

You have a few options when it comes to dealing with these pests. The first is to make your basement less habitable. Since these bugs like moisture, make sure that there are no leaks in your basement, either from plumbing or water draining in from outside. This is really important if you have a basement with a dirt floor that soaks up water.

The next step is to prevent common entry points for bugs. A small hole in your foundation or a gap between the window and the wall provides enough space for a bug to get in. An inspection of your basement, either by you or a pest control company in Gainesville, can identify entrances so you can seal them.

Another method of getting rid of basement pests is professional pest control. Our bi-monthly or quarterly pest control applies treatment around the perimeter of your home, creating a seal for your basement that bugs will not cross. If you want to deter bugs from getting into your basement in the first place, call ExtermPRO to learn more about ongoing pest control.

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