Pest Proofing Your Garage

Most pest prevention focuses on your home, which makes sense. The thought of having pests, which could be a health hazard or destructive, in the places where you cook, eat, and relax is unpleasant. But your garage is also a risky area for pests.

Insects such as ants, roaches, spiders, and silverfish are common garage pests, as are mice and rats. Just as you do not want these bugs in your home, you do not want them in your garage either where they might have easy access to your home, damage belongings stored in your garage, or create an unhealthy mess.

How to Keep Bugs and Rodents Out of Your Garage

Garages are often naturally more attractive to pests. With a wide open garage door, they provide easy access and once inside, pests often have little to disturb them since people are less likely to be coming and going. Low light, few predators, easy access to food in storage or in your adjacent house can make your garage tempting.

But because many homeowners use their garage only for parking cars and storage, the garage is often overlooked, leaving it susceptible to pests. These techniques can help you be sure that no bugs or rodents will make it into your garage:

  • Keep the Garage Door Closed – An open garage door is an invitation to pests. Keep your door closed all the way – and make sure you have a garage door seal on it – when you are not taking your car in and out.
  • Rethink Your Storage – Scattered items, deteriorating plastic bags, cardboard boxes offer both hiding spaces and food sources for some pests. If you can switch your items to sealed plastic containers, you will significantly reduce the number of hiding places and protect your belongings.
  • Do a Thorough Cleaning – Dust, spills from trash cans, and a variety of other debris that builds up over time can attract bugs. Unneeded clutter can hide bugs. Go through your garage, getting rid of everything you no longer need, and sweeping up all debris.
  • Set Some Baits – If pets and children are never in your garage, setting some glue traps or ant baits can help a little in stopping any future pest problems early on.
  • Make Repairs – In addition to the door, little cracks can give pests a pathway in. Check for worn out weather sealants around your doors and windows and cracks that may have developed in siding. Use caulking or other repair materials to seal them up.

Another great way to fight against pests in your garage is with a pest protection plan from ExtermPRO. Using exterior pest treatments, we can spray around the foundation of your garage, doors, and windows to establish a barrier. This offers lasting protection for your home and garage for several months before we come back to refresh the pest treatments. Contact ExtermPRO to learn more about how we can keep pests out of your garage and off your property.