ExtermPRO – Rodents

ExtermPRO is a rodent control company in Warrenton that offers rat extermination and exclusion for residential and commercial properties. We can provide one time services for a rat infestation or help you keep rats away in the long term with ongoing control. Learn more about our services and get a quote at 571-620-1168.

Television and movies always seem to depict rodents nibbling on a piece of cheese, and while it is true that mice and rats will eat cheese, that is far from the only food they’ll eat. Mice particularly like fruits, seeds, and grains. Rats like fruits and vegetables. However, both pests are omnivorous and will eat whatever they can find when coexisting with humans. With their appetites, your pantry can be an appealing place for a rodent.

Rats and mice can't be eliminated with traps alone. That is because it's usually not just one rodent, but rather many that are coming and going through entrances on your property. That's why you need exclusion.

Mice are destructive. Though they’re smaller than rats, they have a tendency to chew, leave droppings, and otherwise cause problems...