ExtermPRO – Pest Control

You have a lot to consider when you buy a home - neighborhood, square footage, backyard size. You also want to buy a home that is safe, in good condition, and not going to cost you thousands in repairs over the next years. Pests are a key issue that can be a cause of damage and discomfort if they are already residents in your new home.

The majority of DIY termite control is ineffective and enables the problem to simply get worse, causing you to have to pay more for professional termite control in the end. You will need the right knowledge, tools, and support, which most homeowners do not have access to. 

There are a few things worse than opening the shower door to find a spider hiding out in the corner of the tub. Unless, of course, you turn on the bathroom light at night to find a centipede racing across your floor. In your home, bathrooms are one of the best places for many different species of bugs. They have the ample moisture that most pests need to survive and are often warm and humid, which is attractive to bugs.

Termites are a threat to properties in Gainesville, Centreville, Bristow, and other nearby cities. They get into homes and eat away at any wood they can find, feeding 24/7 and causing costly damage. But because this damage occurs inside walls, and because the termites live underground, most homeowners will not notice they have termites. The worst infestations can go on for years.