Mosquitoes to Watch Out for in Gainesville, Fairfax, and Northern Virginia


When you get an itchy mosquito bite, you probably don’t consider which type of mosquito gave it to you. After all, it itches and it is annoying. What more is there to know?

There are actually hundreds of species of mosquitoes in the world and you can find dozens of different types here in Gainesville. The females of every species have to feed off of mammal or bird blood at some point, but not all mosquitoes will bite people. These are the mosquitoes that live in this area, the viruses they carry, and their preferred habitats.

Types of Mosquitoes that Bite and Carry Diseases

All mosquitoes are going to leave an irritating sore if they bite you. This is caused by an allergic reaction to the mosquito’s saliva which they inject a small amount of as they bite. The majority of mosquito bites are harmless and go away in a few days.

Still, there are some mosquitoes that can be riskier than others depending on the local area. The mosquitoes we have in this area fall into three different genuses:

  • Aedes Mosquitoes – This is the most common species of mosquito around homes and commercial properties since people are this mosquito’s preferred food source. Females also lay their eggs in standing water that collects in trash and containers around homes. The Aedes mosquitoes will bite throughout the day and can carry a variety of viruses, including Zika, dengue fever, chikungunya, and yellow fever. Other Aedes mosquitoes may also transmit viruses.
  • Anopheles Mosquitoes – People and other mammals are the food source for Anopheles mosquitoes which feed primarily after dark. They most often lay their eggs in natural freshwater habitats, such as lakes, ponds, and streams. Anopheles mosquitoes carried malaria in the past, but scientists have worked to largely eradicate this virus.
  • Culex Mosquitoes – One of the most widespread of the pest mosquitoes with populations throughout the country, Culex mosquitoes use birds and people for their food and are the primary carrier of West Nile virus. They feed at night and will come inside homes and properties if they have the chance.

While the various mosquitoes have the potential to serve as disease vectors, it is worth noting that few mosquitoes are actually infected. Many viruses, such as malaria and yellow fever, are almost completely contained in America. Other viruses, like Zika and West Nile, are limited to certain areas.

This makes working with a pest control expert the best choice for limiting your exposure to mosquito-borne illnesses, and also for stopping the itchy mosquito bites you get no matter the species. At ExtermPRO, we are up to date on which viruses our local mosquitoes are carrying, if any. We also know which mosquito species are most prevalent in our local area so that we can use effective habitat management and mosquito abatement treatments to get rid of them on your property.

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