Kitchen Pests in Virginia and How to Get Rid of Them

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There are no rooms in your house where pests are welcome, but they are particularly unwelcome in kitchens. Whether they are spreading bacteria, contaminating stored food, or simply too close to your cooking spaces, you want to keep bugs out of the kitchen.

These kitchen pests are the most common, and understanding how they invade and what you can do to stop them will be your best defense against having your kitchen overrun by bugs. Taking steps to prevent these pests will help keep your family safe and your kitchen – and the rest of your home – comfortable.

Types of Kitchen Pests

Although any of the bugs living in Virginia could find their way into your kitchen, these pests are the most likely to be attracted to the kitchen environment:

  • House Ants – House ants can include several species, such as odorous ants, little black ants, and Argentine ants. This is one pest that does not cause disease, but any infestation will quickly include thousands of ants that will not go away until you remove the queen. Ants are looking for small crumbs of food and water, and get in through tiny cracks.
  • Cockroaches – Many people are understandably disgusted by roaches. They spread bacteria and can cause breathing problems. Kitchens are great spots for roaches that can squeeze through tight spots to get at crumbs, grease residue, and open containers. Any leaks, humidity, or dripping faucets also provide the water source roaches need.
  • Pantry Moths – Meal moths lay their eggs in foods like flour, nuts, pasta, pet food, cereal, and other grains. The eggs hatch and the larvae consume the food they live in. The larvae look like little worms that are yellowish in color with brown heads. Meal moth eggs are often brought in on infested foodstuffs, and spread through your panty by eating their way through packaging.
  • Drain Flies – These tiny flies breed in sewers and then travel up through drains. They are attracted to the food particles in your kitchen sink drain. Like flies, they can transmit bacteria from your drains to other surfaces they land on, and they breed quickly, laying 100 eggs at a time.

Rodents are another kitchen pest. Here in Virginia, mice and rats can find food in your kitchen and build nests nearby. Like insect pests, rodents can spread bacteria and disease. They can also create messes with their droppings.

How to Keep Kitchen Pests Out

Cleanliness is key in making your home less attractive for most pests, as is limiting the ways that can get inside. To do this, you should:

  • Keep food stored in airtight containers.
  • Wipe down counters, floors, sinks, and dishes regularly.
  • Clean drains with soap and a sponge every few weeks.
  • Seal up any cracks that give outside pests access to the indoors.

Another effective way to prevent kitchen pests is with ongoing pest control. A bi-monthly or quarterly visit from our team at ExtermPRO. We use long lasting and eco-friendly pest treatments around foundations, doors, windowsills, and other exterior risk points that will deter any pests that try to cross.

If you have kitchen pests you need to get rid of or want to protect your kitchen against pests altogether, reach out to ExtermPRO to learn how our pest control in Virginia can help you keep your kitchen spotless.