How to Prepare Your Home for Summer Pests in Northern Virginia

As we enter into the warmest months of the year here in Gainesville, it is normal to see an uptick in the number of bugs around your property. The warm weather and humidity of the local climate are ideal for many different pests who will become more prevalent in your yard and inside your home as their populations grow.

Managing pests during the summer works best if you can start early. Many bugs begin breeding in and spreading during the spring before their numbers are large enough for you to notice them. You will also want to maintain your pest control measures throughout the summer as the bugs become more aggressive towards the fall when food grows scarce.

Common Bugs in Summer in Gainesville, VA

Several local bug species will die off as the weather cools or overwinter in a warm, dry location, meaning you will not see many during colder months. Only when the weather starts to warm and bugs resume building nests, searching for food, and breeding do they become an issue. Bugs in Gainesville that are more active in summer include:

  • Stinging Insects – Bees, wasps, hornets start building their nests in May. If those nests are close to – or even inside – your home, you may be at increased risk for a painful sting.
  • Mosquitoes – These bloodsucking pests are particularly aggressive in Northern Virginia‚Äôs humid climate. With rapid breeding cycles, early steps to repel mosquitoes from your property and ongoing maintenance will help limit bug bites and mosquito-borne illnesses.
  • Ticks – Fond of wooded areas and tall grasses, Northern Virginia is ideal for ticks. When they are most active in early summer, you or your pets can pick them up in your backyard.
  • Fleas – Biting fleas can drive your pets crazy. Whether your dog brings them in from outside or they hitchhike in on another pest like a rodent, tiny fleas generally do not leave without professional pest control.
  • Flies – We associate buzzing flies with summer and outdoor bar-b-ques, but they can become a nuisance inside as well with the potential to spread hundreds of bacteria and diseases.
  • Termites – Subterranean termites in Gainesville swarm between March and June. This is when they fly to find new places to set up nests before spending the rest of the summer and fall consuming wood.

There are also a range of pests that are active all year long in Northern Virginia. Cockroaches, ants, spiders, and rodents can move into your home at any time of the year, adding to the number of pests you want to keep your home safe against during the summer.

Using Year-Round Pest Control to Eliminate Summer Pests

With early intervention as a key step in summer pest control, ongoing pest treatments are the leading solution for your property. These occur at regular times throughout the year. At ExtermPRO, we use bi-monthly or quarterly treatments to lay down a barrier that keeps bugs out of your yard and the inside of your home. On subsequent visits throughout the summer, we reinforce that barrier to give you lasting seasonal pest prevention.

Our bi-monthly or quarterly pest control covers almost all of the bugs active around Gainesville homes during the summer, including mosquitoes with our bi-monthly pest control plans. Termites require a different treatment plan so they are separate, but still treatable if you suspect a swarm entered your house during the summer.

No matter what month it is, it is not too late to get a handle on summer pest control. Call ExtermPRO today to find out more and get started.