How Mosquito Treatments Repel Mosquitoes

repel mosquitoes naturally

Mosquitoes are one of the most disliked pests in Northern Virginia, and if you ever tried to get rid of them on your own you know how challenging they can be. There are multiple methods for managing mosquitoes at homes in Northern Virginia. For instance, water treatments and growth inhibitors are popular solutions for getting rid of eggs and mosquito larvae.

But the foundation of professional mosquito control is the spray for adult mosquitoes. By targeting areas like shrubs and grass, mosquito control makes a yard far less habitable. Here is how those treatments work and what makes them effective while still being safe to use around your property.

Natural Mosquito Control in Gainesville, VA

At ExtermPRO, we are dedicated to using eco-friendly pest solutions against the bugs we treat, including mosquitoes. The natural choice for mosquito treatments are pyrethrins. These use oils derived from the chrysanthemum flower, and go through an in depth refining process to create powerful mosquito treatments.

Pyrethrin on its own is successful at deterring mosquitoes since it is a toxin for mosquitoes that will overwhelm their nervous system. It also keeps mosquitoes away as well since mosquitoes have an olfactory receptor that will identify the toxin and prompt them not to approach.

Many treatments also have additional elements added, such as soaps or neem oil, which help strengthen the natural effects of the chrysanthemum. The usual alternative to pyrethrin mosquito spray is permethrin, which is a lab synthesized version of the same active ingredient.

Both of these mosquito treatments offer all the following benefits for managing mosquitoes at homes and businesses in Northern Virginia:

  • Highly Effective – With many other chemicals, mosquitoes can build up resistance to different treatments. Because pyrethrin targets the nervous system and olfactory receptors, mosquitoes generally stay susceptible to pyrethrin.
  • History of Use – Both pyrethrin and permethrin have been in use for decades and offer proven effectiveness for getting rid of mosquitoes.
  • Safe in Small Quantities – Pyrethrin is harmless against people and other animals, so you can use it around your yard without risk to pets and people.
  • Long Lasting – A single professional mosquito treatment can continue to work against mosquitoes for approximately two months depending on environmental conditions.
  • Effective Against Other Pests – In addition to mosquitoes, this treatment works against bugs like fleas, ants, and aphids, which also cause problems around yards in Northern Virginia.

ExtermPRO uses these and other safe pest control solutions to get rid of mosquitoes with proven results that you can feel safe about using around your home. To learn more about mosquito control in Gainesville or schedule a mosquito treatment, contact ExtermPRO.

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