Do Silverfish Eat Paper?

This Pest’s Unusual Diet

signs of a silverfish infestation

There are many pests that are intimidating to find in your home. Spiders send some people screaming. Wasps might make you run for cover. Have you ever seen a silvery bug running at top speed in a fish-like motion? That’s a silverfish. These pests can be quite elusive, but you might spot some signs they are around because they have a diet as unusual as their motion. Learn if silverfish eat paper.

Do Silverfish Eat Paper?

Silverfish are known for eating books and other sources of paper in your home like your photo albums and wallpaper. They have this unique need to eat them because each of these things provides starches, an essential part of their diet.

Other Parts of the Silverfish Diet

Fabrics: Once again, silverfish don’t eat fabrics for the material, but rather the nutrients the material provides. They’re most likely to munch on clothing found in warm, humid places. Plus, they show preference to fabrics stored away with food stains. You might even find them feeding on upholstery, preferably those in dark, warm places like the basement or furniture stored in the attic.

Your Food: They like your food too! Be sure to properly store away your baking supplies because sugar happens to be a favorite. Of course, they’ll also enjoy the starchy snacks in your pantry.

Dead Insects: Yes, silverfish will feed on other dead insects.

Other Unusual Snacks: They will even eat cellulose, shampoos, and glue found in books.

ExtermPRO Knows How to Prevent and Eliminate Silverfish.

This pest might not be able to harm you, but they can certainly be destructive. At ExtermPRO, we know just how to handle this pest, whether you are looking for preventative services or need to take care of an infestation. Call us today at 571-620-1168 to get rid of silverfish in northern Virginia.