Do Ants Hibernate?

What This Pest Does When It Is Cold

do ants hibernate?

As the days get chillier and the nights get even colder, have you noticed a decrease in the number of ants scurrying around? There are many creatures that enter hibernation to survive the winter. There are even some insects that do the same! Bees slow down, some cockroaches hibernate, and others seem to disappear for the cold season. What about ants? Do ants hibernate? Find out.

Do Ants Hibernate?

In the winter, ants go into a semi-hibernation mode. The temperature drops to the point where they can’t move anymore, so they enter a restless sleep. During this time, they huddle together in groups to stay warm. Of course, they take extra special care of their queen by staying close to her. Sometimes, they’ll move to an area that can maintain heat better, like deeper into the ground, in the bark of a tree, or under rocks.

The entrance to their nest closes up during this time because no colony member is going in and out. Dirt and particles cover it up, so you probably won’t spot any of the tinier hills during wintertime.

How do they prep for this sluggish state? They do what other hibernating creatures do! They eat plenty of food in the fall to fatten up for the cold. The fat stores nourish their bodies as they wait for warmth.

Expect to see ants back in action in the springtime.

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