Case Study: Why Not All Pest Control is the Same

The average person does not know the difference between pest control companies. Nor should they. The role of pest control is to protect your property from pests using largely the same types of pesticides and techniques. But at ExtremPRO, many of our newest customers tell us that their old pest control companies were unable to stop pests from entering their property, which is why they reached out to us to see if we can solve their pest problems.

If the pest control solutions are very similar, why are some pest control companies so different than others?

Technique and Care

One homeowner of ours contacted us with a severe fear of spiders. They had been using a local pest control company for years, but were seeing spiders on an almost daily basis in their home. This was – understandably – causing her immense distress, as her fear of spiders was the main reason she needed a pest control company. She had also expressed this to the pest control technician multiple times. He took her request seriously, trying out different solutions, but in the end, the spiders kept coming.

When we took over, she went from seeing a spider a day to a spider once every month, and usually only when she left the door open. We should note that the company he worked for – which will remain nameless – uses mostly the same pesticides that we do. So why were we able to protect her from spiders when the other pest control company failed?

The answer lies in care and technique:

  • Spray Technique – Many pest control techs are taught to spray a thick, thin layer quickly on the exterior of the property. But it is far more effective to coat a wider area covering more space around the entire exterior. Using more of a mist pattern creates a broader area to protect from spiders and other pests.
  • Taking Time – Similarly, no matter how much the tech cared about the homeowner, they were likely rushing around the home. This is very common with pest control technicians. Rushing around the home means that the spray is thinner and less effective, and will be more likely to miss spots. It’s critical to work with a pest control company that takes their time.
  • Details – It takes a careful eye to spot potential entrance points around a property, and not all techs have that eye for detail that is necessary to know where extra protection may be needed or what solutions might help prevent spiders better.

We also treated inside of the garage and around the crawl space, which offered additional support. Overall, the way that we approached pest control provided the necessary changes that this customer needed to be pest free.

Pest control companies may be similar. But the quality of pest control is very different. For pest control in Gainesville, Haymarket, Centreville, and beyond, contact ExtermPRO, today.