3 Property Issues in Older Homes that Can Lead to Pests


As your property starts to age, it becomes more likely to experience problems. For example, older homes often have less energy efficiency, or the electrical wires start to fray, or the flooring starts to lose its connections. Every part of your home has a lifespan.

It is also common for many of these issues to lead to unrelated problems in the future. This is especially true of pests. There are several issues that can affect your home that can also lead to an increase in the frequency of pest infestations. Fixing these issues can reduce the number of pests on your property.

What Problems Affect Pest Control?

As your home ages, it is more likely to get holes that make it easier for pests to enter, or experience challenges that attract pests to your property. For example, pay attention to the following:

  • Plumbing Problems – Pests go indoors for food, shelter, and water. The latter of which means that if your property has plumbing problems, it is more likely to attract pests that come indoors seeking out water and moisture. It is also more likely that pests that thrive in moisture will stay alive and hide in your home where they have easy access to water and resources.
  • Old Siding/Roofing – Pests come in through very small holes, and most of those holes are going to be found in two places: the siding, and the roofing. By repairing siding and fixing holes in the roof, you can reduce the entrance points for pests and improve your property’s energy efficiency as well.
  • Old Window Frames – Windows can also be prone to aging, and that aging can cause small air leaks in your window frame. Part of this aging can be felt with your energy bills, as air leaks can lead to higher energy use that can be expensive. But it can also be seen with pests, as small insects can fit through the air leaks and come into your property.

Windows, siding, roofing, and plumbing are only a few of the many examples of property issues that are not directly related to pests, but can still lead to pest invasions. That is why pest control is about so much more than just the pests themselves. It is also critical that you look at your property inside and out to determine what areas of your home may be leading to this increase in pest infestations, and what may be needed to help your home be truly pest free.

If your property has struggled with pests, no matter its cause, contact ExtermPRO today. We have many solutions available to reduce pest infestations and identify problem areas to address. Call us to learn more.