Are House Spiders Worse in Winter?

How to Keep Spiders out of Your Basement

As the weather is cooling, are you starting to notice more house spiders crawling around? Maybe you’ve heard they flock inside during the winter to keep warm. Actually, they have probably been there the whole time!

House spiders rarely travel more than a few feet outside your house, so the ones you see were more than likely from a female house spider who laid her sac of eggs in a quiet corner.

There is one exception to the spider-during-winter rule: the brown recluse spider. Experts theorize they might seek solace in your house during the winter more often than in the summer. But finding one might just be a coincidence, so don’t panic just yet.

So, what does that mean for the spiders you see outside? Spiders are actually considered cold-blooded because their internal temperature is not determined by the temperature outside. During the winter, they cold-harden, which means they slow down.

When You Should Call an Expert

Every house has house spiders, so spotting a few here and there is no problem. However, if you start to see a significant increase in spiders, house spiders or others, a call to your local pest control company, like ExtermPRO, is warranted. This can be a sign of a more serious pest infestation because spiders flock to food.

Spiders Are No Match for ExtermPRO

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