Ant Spotlight: The Carpenter Ant

Everything You Need to Know


There are many types of ants that plague homes and businesses in northern Virginia. One common type we see is the carpenter ant. As the name suggests, they are attracted to wood. Here’s everything you need to know about this wood-loving ant.

The Carpenter Ant

Appearance: They are a bigger variety of ants, measuring 1/4″ to 1/2″ long. They are black with long antennae.

Location: You’ll find them near moist and dry wood. You can find them inside or outside the structure, so you might not actually see them.

Appetite: Their diet includes moist, decayed wood. Yes, this means they might find this wood in the foundation of your home and cause damage.

Signs of an infestation: You can suspect carpenter ants if you find piles of wood shavings and hear rustling noises in walls.

Concerns: In addition to destroying small wood things in your home and lawn, like furniture, they can also eat the foundation of your home, causing structural damage.

Prevention: Seal any cracks and other places where they may enter your home. Remember they can fit in very tiny areas! Also, it’s important to keep your home tidy, sweeping up crumbs and storing food properly.

Treatment: Like other ants, bait traps are always the best option if you are going to DIY your carpenter ant control. An unsuspecting ant will bring the poison back to the nest, helping to kill the entire colony.

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