Pest Control for Offices in Northern Virginia with ExtermPRO

Gainesville, Centreville, Ashburn, and nearby cities in Northern Virginia have a growing economy, and many companies operate out of office buildings in the area. Whether you are a business manager or property owner of an office complex, you need to have a plan for dealing with pests in your building.

ExtermPRO is the best local choice for pest control at offices in Northern Virginia. We manage pests of all kinds with a combination of preventative pest control and scientifically-backed treatments. Our solutions are cost-effective and performed by a team experienced in customer service. Call us at 571-620-1168 to find out more about our pest treatment options for offices.

Office Pest Control Services from ExtermPRO

Office buildings can require an array of different services. Pest treatments often need to be large-scale to protect the entire square footage and any outdoor spaces. ExtermPRO uses state of the art pest control that works for properties of all sizes.

Our advanced treatments are also eco-friendly, effective, and long lasting. There are no toxic chemicals that could endanger your employees, and our team carefully applies treatments in a way that targets pests but does not contaminate workspaces.

Depending on your pest challenges and goals for your building, we offer:

  • Pest Extermination – If you have noticed signs of pests, we can locate where they are hiding and design a pest control plan that will eliminate them. We continue working until we are sure that your bug infestation is gone.
  • Rodent Trapping – An infestation of mice or rats is a concerning health risk. Our rodent control uses strategic trap placement and baits to quickly catch all of the rodents on your property. Rodent exclusion can also help you prevent a return of rodents.
  • Pest Prevention Plans – We offer ongoing quarterly or bi-monthly pest control for offices. Each visit, we create a treatment barrier that prevents pests for guaranteed protection until the next visit.

Termite control is another of our services. Wood eating pests like termites can find a source of food in many office buildings, surviving off wood frames, sheetrock, and papers in even new construction. Regular termite inspections can identify termite activity and our team can treat termites with a plan that causes limited interruption to business operations.

How Bugs and Rodents Cause Problems in Offices

Office buildings are often a hot spot for pests. Meals eaten at work often leave crumbs and trash behind that can be a food source for bugs, while food left in the breakroom fridge or employees’ desks attracts insects and rodents. Most offices sit nearly undisturbed overnight as well, giving pests a time to find food without any threats.

When you couple this with the high number of bugs that live in the Gainesville area, it is not uncommon for offices to face insect challenges. If this happens, problems can include:

  • Health issues from pests that spread bacteria or cause allergies.
  • Unprofessional environment for employees and customers.
  • Lost work from uncomfortable employees.
  • More time required for cleaning by janitorial staff.
  • Loss in property values and unhappy tenants.

Bugs, spiders, and rodents in an office will almost never go away on their own, and letting a pest infestation go untreated will result in the infestation getting worse. This can cause a greater interruption to work and require a more expensive treatment to get rid of office pests.

Schedule Office Pest Control at Your Building

Employees working in your office building do not have time to deal with bugs and rodents. A pest protection plan from ExtermPRO can keep bugs, spiders, mice, and rats out of the building all year long, while our extermination services can provide a fast and comprehensive solution when you are already dealing with pests.

Call our team at ExtermPRO or use our quote request form to get a pricing estimate for commercial pest control at your office.