Pest Control in Leesburg, VA with ExtermPRO

From the historic downtown to the area’s numerous parks, Leesburg is a place that is filled with charm. But residents in this charming town still have to deal with the pests that live and spread throughout Northern Virginia. Warm weather in the spring and summer brings an abundance of bugs to local yards, and fall and winter forces pests inside homes as they try to escape cooling temperatures. The result is that both residential and commercial properties in Leesburg are at risk for a pest infestation at any time of the year.

ExtermPRO makes it possible to keep your home safe with pest control in Leesburg. We have an array of services to address the various bugs and rodent pests in the area. Get in touch with our team by phone at 571-620-1168 or through the form on our website. We can share more about our services, provide a quote, and schedule your first visit from a pest professional.

Why Choose ExtermPRO for Pest Control in Leesburg

ExtermPRO strives to be the best pest control company in Leesburg. To do this, we offer more than pest treatments, although our science-backed solutions are extremely effective. We also offer superior service with a team that treats you like a neighbor and comes to every job ready to provide personalized and friendly pest control that puts your comfort and peace of mind first.

In addition to having a team you will enjoy working with, we also have:

  • Local Experience – Every region has pests with different characteristics – different species, habitats, and behaviors. Since we are area locals, we have worked with the types of bugs in Leesburg for years and know not only what is most effective in exterminating them, but can take preemptive measures to protect against them.
  • Industry Leading Knowledge – Before they begin servicing local properties, our pest experts go through extensive training. We also keep up to date on new information and research so we are always at the forefront of pest control knowledge.
  • Competitive Prices – Our efficient methods let us keep our prices affordable. By using advanced methods that will eliminate pests the first time, we are able to save time and money on our pest control, providing savings we can then pass on to you.

Our pest control services are suitable for any type of property in Leesburg. We can expand our services for properties with extensive square footage, and work at homes, businesses, and other commercial properties of every size.

Types of Pests We Prevent and Exterminate

One of the main difficulties with pests in Leesburg is the variety. Our local climate is one in which many species thrive, and preventing or exterminating all of these often requires more comprehensive methodologies. We have solutions that work against:

  • Roaches
  • Ants
  • Spiders
  • Earwigs
  • Stinging Insects
  • House Centipedes
  • Flies, and More

Mice and rats are also common pests at properties in Leesburg. There are three main types of rodents that live in local homes – roof rats, Norway rats, and house mice – and they can often be more destructive than bugs due to their larger size, chewing and scratching habits, and the number of diseases and bacteria they carry. Our comprehensive services include both bugs and rodents.

How Our Pest Control Works

Pest control can either be a treatment or preventative. We can treat any infestation, but it is best when you consider an ongoing treatment that will prevent pests from ever entering your property in the first place. Our Leesburg pest control services include, but are not limited to:

  • Inspection – The bugs you can readily see are likely only a few of those on your property. We locate where pests are living, how they are getting inside, and what might be attracting them during an inspection.
  • Targeted Treatments – Our inspection guides where we apply treatments. By focusing only on the areas where pest control will have the most effect, we are not exposing your yard and family to unnecessary treatments and we limit the time and effort it takes to exterminate pests.
  • Eco-Friendly Pest Control – In addition to minimizing the use of treatments, those we do use are made from non-toxic ingredients that do not put adults, children, or pets at risk while still working against bugs.
  • Exclusion – Another eco-friendly and ethical method of pest control is exclusion. Typically used against rodents, we use this process to close off any holes that let animals or bugs get into homes, offering protection that will not fade over time.

We back all of our services with a satisfaction guarantee. In general, our methods will effectively and quickly get rid of pests, but if pests are persistent and you still see them after the first treatment, we can provide follow up service until you are comfortable in your home once more.

Ongoing Pest Protection Plans for Year Round Pest Control

Extermination is a key part of any pest control service, but it is only one part of our larger pest control strategy at ExtermPRO. Our priority is preventative pest control with our pest protection plans. These combine semi-annual inspections with either bi-monthly or quarterly visits from a pest professional.

Rather than waiting for pests to become a problem, we work proactively. We apply treatments around the exterior of your home to create a protective border that prevents bugs from getting through small openings and into your home. These treatments can take care of pests already in the area and remain effective for several weeks afterwards before we visit again to refresh the barrier.

Preventative, ongoing pest control reduces the chance that you ever have a pest infestation, reducing the need for the more expensive and invasive services that are often necessary to exterminate an infestation. With our interior service warranty, we also have an easy fix for you if pests manage to make it past the protective seal.

Termite Control Solutions for Leesburg Homes and Businesses

Termites are another pest challenge here in Leesburg. Rather than being a nuisance when you see them crawling across your floors or walls, their danger is due to the fact that they live almost completely out of sight. The local termites are most often “Eastern Subterranean Termites” which live underground in the area around their source of wood.

As a result, some homeowners will go years before they realize they have a termite problem. In that time, the pests are eating constantly and have caused potentially tens of thousands of dollars in damage.

We provide a range of termite control services to help stop termite damage early, including:

  • Termite Inspections – While you may not see termites themselves, our team can spot the more subtle signs that indicate termites are living within your walls, and can use technology to help non-invasively locate where termites have spread. We have options for annual termite inspections and one time inspections depending on your needs.
  • Termite Treatments – We have a range of termite treatments specifically designed to eliminate subterranean termites in the soil and inside your home. Options like termite baits, soil termiticides, foam to seal up holes, and more, all of which we can customize to eliminate termite colonies at the source and worker insects that may have spread throughout your home.
  • Termite Prevention – Some termite treatments can help reduce the chances of an infestation, and our team can also help you by identifying features that may attract termites to your home, such as leaking pipes and poor soil drainage.

We can also perform an inspection for a Wood Destroying Insect Report (WDIR) to disclose any previous damage bugs have done to a property’s structure. This report includes damage from termites and carpenter ants, and is often a necessary part of any real estate transactions.

Have Pests on Your Property? Contact ExtermPRO Today

With our expertise and advanced pest control strategies, we can get rid of pests whether you see them around your home or not and give you the reassurance of a pest-free property. Call our team at 571-620-1168 for a free quote on any of our pest control services.