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Despite its convenient location near Washington D.C. and Dulles, Chantilly has a more peaceful, small town feel which is a large part of what makes it so popular with residents, companies, and visitors alike. Yet even the serenity of living in Chantilly can be interrupted by pests if homeowners or business owners have not taken the right precautions against them.

The best way to prevent pests is with local Chantilly pest control from ExtermPRO. We are unique for our preventative approach to managing pests. In addition to getting rid of bugs and rodents at properties throughout Chantilly, we can make it impossible for them to return with our pest protection plans. Call our friendly team at 571-620-1168 to find out more about our pest control solutions.

Why Choose ExtermPRO for Pest Control in Chantilly

ExtermPRO is a local, family-owned business in the Chantilly area. Our customers’ satisfaction is our priority and we provide that through a combination of personalized service and proven pest control solutions. We implement a pest extermination plan or long term pest control plan specific to each property we work at, adjusting our approach based on the type of pests, how aggressive they are, size of your property, and whether we are working at a home or business. We also offer:

  • Years of experience working in the local area.
  • Cost effective pricing for long term pest control.
  • Satisfaction guarantee that means we work until pests are effectively gone.

The various pest control treatments we use are also eco-friendly. Scientists have developed these treatments to exterminate bugs, but to be free of toxins for people and animals so there is minimal risk if your family or pets come into contact with treated areas. As eco-friendly pest professionals, we limit our application of pest treatments only to the area where they will be effective to further control any unnecessary exposure.

Types of Pests We Treat

Chantilly has an environment where many pests thrive. It has to do with our warm, humid summers and short, mild winters. Plenty of parks, trees, and ponds in the local area also enable these pests to live adjacent to residents’ properties where it is an easy journey from open spaces to yards and then into homes.

The following are some, but not all, of the local pests that are most common in the area that we offer services for:

  • Flies
  • Spiders
  • Ants
  • Stinging Insects
  • Cockroaches
  • Earwigs
  • Ticks
  • Rodents

Part of what makes it difficult to prevent pests on your own is that there is such a variety. The strategies and treatments needed to keep rats out of your home are very different from those needed for roaches. When you work with ExtermPRO, we have the pest control for all of the seasonal pests in Chantilly and can be the one company you need to maintain a pest free property.

Our Pest Control Services

On our first visit to your home, we begin with an inspection. This helps us determine which kinds of pest treatments we need to get pests under control and where we should apply those treatments.

Depending on the type of pest and its location, exterior pest control can often be sufficient to exterminate pests, but we can also provide interior pest control if numerous bugs or rodents have already come inside.

No matter what pest and what location of your property we need to treat, we use:

  • Science-Backed Treatments – We are invested in pest control methods that use the latest in entomology science. They have been developed to be more effective, safer, and more affordable than treatments of the past.
  • Eco-Friendly Solutions – The science behind our treatments also makes them eco-friendly. When we apply them around the exterior of your home, you do not need to worry that your children or neighborhood pets will come into contact with them later. Most of our treatments are completely harmless.
  • Long Lasting Options – Pest treatments for many bugs also offer the benefit of prevention and will exterminate any new pests that come near to the treated area. We use products that will last for several weeks to give you the most time without pests that we can.

These treatments, when applied by our expert team, work fast and efficiently. This is part of what makes our pest control affordable since we do not need several treatments and an undirected application to achieve the same results. Instead, we can often manage pests in a visit or two with only the necessary treatments. Then we use the time and effort we save to keep our prices low.

Ongoing Pest Control with a Pest Protection Plan

By the time you see one insect inside your home, chances are there are others nearby. This is where ongoing, proactive pest control is the preferred method for managing pests. Instead of waiting until you see pests, we perform our pest control work before pests move in.

We come to your property on a regular basis to reapply pest treatments around the exterior of the property. We pay special attention to the foundation, cracks, windows, and doorways where pests most often find entry points. After we treat these areas, bugs will be unable to cross them and get inside, effectively creating a barrier around your property. The regular visits also give us an opportunity to identify any outdoor infestations in their earliest stages and take rapid action.

We provide our ongoing services at ExtermPRO with either quarterly pest control or bi-monthly pest control. Today’s long lasting treatments will work for several weeks, regardless of weather, so either option will give you reliable pest prevention. For homes where pests are more aggressive or you want additional options like mosquito control, bi-monthly pest control is the leading pest protection plan.

Termite Inspections and Treatments

The local termite species is the Eastern Subterranean termite that gets its name from the way it burrows underground to make its colony. While this species grows slower than species in other areas of the country, they still do extensive damage to homes in Northern Virginia each year. Much of this damage is due to homeowners being unaware they have termites, enabling termites to feed for years before we can begin professional treatment.

The best way to limit this damage is to get a termite inspection regularly or whenever you suspect wood destroying pests in your home at the very least. We use special techniques to provide an in depth inspection that can find termites hiding in places we cannot physically reach. If we do locate termites, we have an array of treatments we can apply including:

  • Soil Treatments – We can apply liquid termiticides directly to the soil where termites have built their colony. These help eliminate the entire nest, prevent other termites from establishing a colony there, and create a protective border as termites try to travel from their colony to your home.
  • Termite Baits – Strategically placed termite baits provide a toxic food source that worker termites will bring back to the remainder of their colony. We may also use baits for prevention at some properties to keep new colonies from growing extensively.
  • Termite Foam – The expanding foam fills the gaps and small holes with a termiticide. We can use it as a spot treatment to target termites tunneling through wood or block off the gaps and holes that termites will use to navigate through masonry or other inedible materials to reach the wooden structural elements inside your home.

As an Eastern Subterranean termite colony grows, it may eventually contain 100,000 bugs and split into a secondary satellite colony. This is an extreme situation, often occurring only after 5 to 10 years, but we have the intensive strategies necessary to exterminate even these more advanced infestations. For smaller infestations, we use only the methods needed to get rid of termite colonies and workers inside your home to keep treatments affordable.

Chantilly Properties We Service

Preventative pest control is beneficial for all types of properties. At homes, it is important to keep pests out to keep your family safe and happy. But protecting a business property from pests helps employees stay productive, customers stay happy, and operations run smoothly. For this reason, we offer one time and ongoing pest control for:

  • Single Family Homes
  • Town Homes
  • Apartments and Condos
  • Offices
  • Hotels
  • Retailers
  • Restaurants
  • Schools

At each property, we will first discuss what your goals are for pest control. If there is a current interior infestation or if you are seeking ongoing services to manage pests, we will create a treatment plan that gets pests under control. We can then move forward with additional services if necessary.

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Pests are an issue most people don’t think about until they find bugs inside their home. ExtermPRO is a pest control company that can handle not only the bugs, rats, and mice already causing issues at your home, but also protect against future infestations. Call us today at 571-620-1168 to discuss your needs and concerns and determine which of our services is right for you.