Pest Control in Bealeton, VA with ExtermPRO

Bealeton is one of the more rural neighborhoods in the local metro area, and the more natural setting provides extensive space to get away from the bustle of nearby cities. But the space also means that there are numerous bugs and rodents in the area, and it is a quick trip for them to make their way into your home.

Whether you already have a pest problem or are seeking a solution so you never have to deal with bugs, a local pest control company in Bealeton is the best way to manage pests.

ExtermPRO is the team of pest professionals you can rely on in Bealeton. We provide one time and ongoing pest control for all of the area’s common pests, from mosquitoes to termites to ants and spiders. Our Bealeton pest control methods are science-backed and available at prices that make it possible to get rid of bugs and keep them out on your budget. Get a quote or learn more by calling us at 571-620-1168 or using our online form.

What Makes Our Pest Control Services Different?

Our pest control goes beyond extermination. At ExtermPRO, our mission is to provide effective treatments that help keep pests out. We are a family owned and operated local business that brings powerful pest control treatments to Bealeton and the surrounding areas with:

  • Up to Date Industry Knowledge – As research and science provide new methods for pest control, we adjust our approach to incorporate new knowledge. We are also up to date on local information to be prepared for any upcoming pest challenges in the area.
  • Ethical and Eco-Friendly Treatments – You won’t find any dangerous insecticides in our services. We are invested in modern treatments and strategies for integrated pest management. The treatments we do use are formulated to be effective against bugs and harmless for people.,
  • Licensed and Insured Services – Our pest control is licensed and insured so that you can depend on safe and high quality service for all of your pest control needs.

In addition, our pest control is priced affordably. If you need a quick response for an ongoing pest problem or want to keep pests away for good with preventative pest control, we offer solutions that will not break the bank. Our ongoing pest protection plans are a particularly good choice for cost savings as a type of insurance against a large infestation.

Types of Pests We Eliminate in Bealeton

Natural, open spaces and yards in Bealeton are home to many bugs and animals that coexist alongside people without any problems the majority of the time. But when these animals move too close to to your property, or come inside, they become an issue almost instantly. The most common local pest species include:

  • Ants – Ant species in Bealeton range from harmless to destructive. Carpenter ants can eat through the wood around your home and odorous house ants cause an annoying and unpleasant smell. But even ant species like little black ants or pavement ants that have no serious risk are still a problem when thousands of ants invade.
  • Spiders – Local spider species include house spiders, jumping spiders, wolf spiders, and the poisonous black widow and brown recluse. For many people, spiders are a frightening invader whether they are poisonous or not, but even if you don’t mind spiders, their presence often indicates a larger pest problem that is serving as their food source.
  • Roaches – Roaches spread disease, trigger asthma, and have a reputation for being filthy. They are also nearly impossible to eliminate without professional help. We have cockroach control that removes the American cockroaches, German cockroaches, and Oriental cockroaches that live in Bealeton.
  • Stinging Insects – Bees may be helpful for your garden, but they can be a problem if their hive is too close to your home. Aggressive wasps are also a threat when they nest in trees, under eaves, and in the ground near your home. We can help you determine if bees and wasps need to be removed from your property.
  • Mosquitoes – One of the most hated summer pests in Northern Virginia, biting mosquitoes are both disease vectors and an annoyance. We offer mosquito control with our bi-monthly pest control services for your exterior living spaces.
  • Rodents – Although not an insect, mice and rats are a common pest in Bealeton and one that often prefers to live in homes for the access to food and warm shelter. Our local species are large Norway rats, house mice, and attic rats, all of which carry diseases and bacteria and can cause physical damage.

Our seasonal and one time pest control services can also help with infestations of flies, earwigs, ticks, fleas, stink bugs, and so much more. Essentially, we have state of the art solutions and innovative strategies to remove and prevent any of the bug species that cause problems at your home.

ExtermPRO’s Approach to Pest Control

With traditional pest control, people usually wait until they notice the number of pests has become a problem, then call a pest control company to exterminate the bugs. A pest infestation at this point can be a safety concern in addition to being uncomfortable to live with. When you call ExtermPRO, we work fast with strategies that are proven effective to get your home back to normal as soon as possible.

But dealing with an advanced infestation can be expensive, unsafe, and stressful. This is why we also offer preventative pest control. Once we have pest populations around your home reduced to a harmless presence, we use recurring visits to maintain a border around your home by treating all the places where pests can enter. These pest protection plans provide either bi-monthly pest control or quarterly pest control that is:

  • Convenient – There is never a good time for a pest infestation. With ongoing pest control, we apply exterior treatments on your schedule – and you do not even have to be home for it. This way, you are never caught unaware by bugs.
  • Long Lasting – The treatments we are using stay active for several weeks after application. Unlike pest control of the past that needed monthly reapplication, bi-monthly or quarterly visits are enough to prevent pests at homes in Bealeton.
  • More Affordable – Eliminating an infestation usually requires invasive and time consuming treatments that can be costly, and extensive damage will require repairs as well. Our pest protection plans provide pest control at a lower price so you can avoid expensive exterminations.

Pest protection plans are effective against the majority of seasonal pests and rodents in Bealeton. With the more frequent visits of the bi-monthly plan, we are also able to provide flea control and mosquito abatement so you do not have to deal with biting pests in your backyard during the summer months.

Termite Control in Bealeton

Termite infestations and the solutions for managing them are different from other pests in the area. Prevention is possible with some treatment methods, but the best method limiting wood damage by termites is early detection. We do this through termite inspections in Bealeton.

Because termites are hidden inside walls and build their colonies underground, they are notoriously hard to locate. Our inspectors know the subtle, external signs of termites and have technology that enables us to pinpoint where termites are eating out of sight. When we can detect them early, either with annual inspections or because you suspect you have termites, we can create a treatment plan to stop any further damage.

Our termite treatments use a variety of methods that we can customize based on where termites are on your property and how large the colony is. The subterranean termites local to Bealeton can build colonies of 100,000 insects or more and will eat 24/7, so intensive treatments are sometimes necessary to eliminate them. We provide these through:

  • Termite Baits
  • Liquid Soil Treatments
  • Wood Treatments
  • Termite Foam, and More

We can also provide you with strategies to make your home or property less attractive to termites, such as identifying leaks that create moist soil for termites to live in or identifying potential entry points where termites can access the wood structure of your home.

Our Services for Every Property

While many of the properties in Bealeton are residential, any local home or business can deal with pest issues at different times of the year. We offer pest management services for every property with:

  • Residential Pest Control – We work with homes, estates, apartments, and other residential properties in Bealeton to provide safe and comfortable living spaces for your family or your tenants.
  • Commercial Pest Control – Businesses, schools, and offices in Bealeton need to be clean and pest-free for employees and customers. We can help make sure that you never have a pest problem at your commercial property.

On larger properties, we can work with you to determine which areas are most important to treat. Our experienced pest professionals can create a focused treatment plan that provides protection from pests in living or working spaces without the cost of having to treat every inch of your property. This saves you money and provides the same high standard of pest control we offer to all our customers.

Call Us Today to Get Started

Having a company you can rely on to get rid of pests at your home is important, but ExtermPRO provides so much more to customers in Bealeton. We respect your home as if it was our own, using only the methods we would trust around our own families, and we never consider a job finished until you are satisfied. Request an estimate here on our website or contact us at 571-620-1168 to schedule a service.