Why Homes in Gainesville Should Choose Ongoing Pest Control


Many homeowners take an approach to pest control that consists of “out of sight, out of mind.” If they don’t see a bug in their home, they believe there is nothing to worry about. But the problem with this approach – in addition to the potential for pests to enter at any time – is that many pests are able to grow, breed, and thrive for months – sometimes even years – before they are caught. Waiting until you see pests means that you could be waiting until pests have already damaged your property, spread disease, or created a serious infestation.

With ongoing pest management, pest control happens before bugs become a problem. The emphasis is on prevention and detecting pests early, stopping them from getting into your home at all in the majority of cases. By spending a limited amount of money on pest control throughout the year, you never have to worry about a costly and stressful infestation.

Benefits of Professional Year Round Pest Control

With reactive pest control, you see a bug in your home and call a pest control company. The company responds with the appropriate treatments for the pest you have, often applying them around the interior of your home until they can be sure that all bugs are exterminated.

One of the main issues with this approach is that by the time you see one bug, there are very likely thousands hidden elsewhere on your property, causing damage and spreading disease. They can be eliminated, but it takes more effort, time, and expenditure to make it happen.

The approach with ongoing pest control is to apply treatments before pests become a problem to homeowners. Visiting your property on either a quarterly or bi-monthly basis, we scope out the pest situation. This includes looking for excessive numbers of exterior pests, small cracks in your home that pests could use to enter, and planning around seasonal pest challenges.

Then we apply treatments to areas where pests may live in your yard and wherever they might enter your home. These are natural, long lasting treatments that are effective for weeks after application. If we do notice an issue with pests, either interior or exterior, our regular visits make it possible to take quick action. No pest infestation is able to go for long before we detect it and treat it, with most pests prevented through the work we do on the exterior of your property.

This gives ongoing pest control the benefit of being:

  • Affordable – Regular pest maintenance is similar to the periodic check ups that you give different parts of your home, car, or even your health to be sure everything is working correctly. By making affordable fixes over time, you can avoid large expenses from a problem that could have been avoided.
  • Safer – The pest treatments used with ongoing pest control are non-toxic, making them safe to use if you have children or pets. Because we stop pests outdoors, most of the treatments are only exterior as well so you do not need to be in close proximity to them.
  • Convenient – A large scale infestation takes time and effort to exterminate. Depending on the size, it can limit your usage of certain areas of your home during the process. Ongoing pest control uses non-invasive exterior treatments on a regular basis to reduce the need for pest control to ever be necessary inside.

Ongoing pest protection is a foundation of the pest control service we offer at ExtermPRO. Our Northern Virginia ongoing pest control is effective against a range of local pests, including roaches, spiders, flies, ants, ticks, and more. We also search for rodent pests in our services as well.

Our bi-monthly and quarterly pest control has all of the benefits of ongoing pest control with the additional advantage of our local knowledge and years of experience. When you are looking for a more effective and lasting approach to pest control, call ExtermPRO to learn more about regular pest treatments.