Why Do Mosquitoes Bite?

why mosquito bites are itchy

Head outside, and you’re bound to run into pests who are capable of biting or stinging. Bees sting when they feel threatened. Ticks bite to feed. But why do mosquitoes bite you?

Why Mosquitoes Bite

Mosquitoes bite because they need your blood. You (and other animals) have protein in your blood that mosquitoes need to lay their eggs. That means when you are bitten, there is one culprit: a female mosquito. The males don’t have a need for your blood, so they won’t bite you.

How do females effectively obtain blood? They have straw-like mouth parts that can pierce skin. They inject some of their own saliva into your skin, and it contains an anticoagulant and proteins that prevent the blood from clotting the straw.

What do they eat on a normal basis? Both male and female adult mosquitoes eat the nectar or honeydew of plants to get the sugar they need for nourishment. So, you’re not the only meal females need. Your blood is just the extra required for them to lay eggs.

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