What to Do If Your Townhome Neighbor is Causing a Pest Problem

Townhomes offer many benefits in terms of comfortable and affordable living. But the construction of townhomes means you share a lot with your neighbors – walls, pipes, vents, and pests. Bugs and rodents use the openings that connect adjacent homes to move between them, meaning if your neighbor has pests, there is a good chance you will too.

This is a challenge when your neighbor does not keep their home as clean as yours. Extensive cleaning in your own townhome and attempting to seal up cracks can help, but is often not enough to solve the problem completely.

How to Fix Pest Problem in a Neighboring Townhome

When you first notice pests, mice, or rats in your home, the best first step is to determine where they are coming from and what is attracting them, if you can. Cleaning up food, fixing leaks that provide water, and sealing up entry points can help reduce the pest problem in your own home. But if pests are present, you may need to:

  • Address the Issue with Your Neighbor – Depending on how friendly you are with your neighbors, you may be able to politely request they clean or look into pest control for their own home to limit pests coming into your townhome.
  • Contact the HOA – If your townhome has an HOA that oversees it, they may be able to arrange for pest control to get rid of bugs in your home, or at least recommend a local company that can help.
  • Get Pest Control – A professional pest control company in your area can often provide extermination and preventative pest control, creating a barrier between your property and any adjacent properties that keeps pests from crossing over.

ExtermPRO provides pest control in Gainesville and the surrounding cities for townhomes. We can work across multiple units or partner with an HOA to provide as needed pest control for your townhome. Our preventative pest control can also help keep your individual home or the entire complex free from pests, even if your neighbors are creating an ideal pest habitat. Call us today to learn more about our pest control options for townhomes, apartments, condos, and other multi-family properties.